I decided to include my Labradors to my website; formally Texas Labradors and Texas Ranch Dogs.  I don't have any Lab pups presently, so figured it's a good time
to make the move.  If you have questions
about my Labs, please call.


I  raise  Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. 

My family has bred these Lab bloodlines for 40 years!  I've been breeding them to sell for 15 years.  Labs are by far the most versatile of all canines.  

I've been breeding Aussies for 14 years.  They are excellent family pets as well, but do by nature, become more attached to one person.  They are the most tenderhearted breed I've ever met!

 I'm a small home breeder * they're family * and I'm down right proud of my tender, loving Aussie herders and my loyal, birdy, blockhead Labs!  ALL of my pups are ranch raised 'under foot'.  Any breeder who brags they're a 'certified kennel' has 100 or more pups a year and are therefore required to be certified.  If you want a kennel dog, my pups are not for you!!  

My Aussies and Labs are registered 10 generation pedigree  or longer.  I breed for correct  breed structure, conformation, and temperament.  Please find Inherited Disease testing information on my Dams and Sires page.  I have used Exclusive puppy and dog food for over ten years (before feeding no additives was cool).  It has no fillers or additives and is available at most ranch feed stores.  It's made by PMI.  If you need a link to find a dealer near you, let me know.  

I love these breeds because of their wonderful qualities.  Aussies and Labs are both instinctually excellent working dogs, service dogs, extremely loyal friends, great travel partners, and perfect family pets!   My pups come well socialized and spoiled!  By the time you get them, they've been exposed to children, other dogs, horses, and cattle.  If you're looking for your next best friend, please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

Aussies and Labs are happiest right next to their owner.  Because of their tender and devoted natures, they form lasting bonds with their family.  Aussies are one of few hypo-allergenic breeds, with full, soft coats that need very little maintenance.  Labs have shorter coats and most of mine are soft because of the English Lab side.  They're  both natural watchdogs and have been known to give their lives protecting their loved ones.  These breeds are very intelligent and full of energy; they want to run, play, swim, fetch, hike, play with other dogs, and go for rides in the truck.  They'll watch over children, romp with them, and be a endearing best friend.  Aussies can be reserved towards strangers and both breeds can be quite protective of their property and family.  

Aussies and Labs  have earned recognition in a variety of skills because of their loyalty, intelligence, and eagerness to please.  They excel as service, therapy, medical alert, and visiting dogs and Labs also excel in search and rescue and guide dogs.  Both breeds are  highly regarded for their abilities in obedience, agility, show, and fly ball, and for Labs in Field, hunting and retrieving, as well.  But, above all, they are loving, loyal companions.

Be wary of buying an Aussie pup from those breeding Aussies born with natural bob tails, breeding merles to merles, and/or breeding Aussies with lot's of white.  These things increase the odds of the offspring being deaf and/or blind or becoming deaf and/or blind.

I make every effort to place my pups in loving homes where they will be lifelong companions.  Therefore, it's very important for you to research the breeds so you are certain they'll fit in with your lifestyle and family.  Please reference these sites for more information about Aussies and Labrador Retrievers.


Just Labradors

American Kennel Club

American Stock Dog Registry

National Stock Dog Registry
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